6 Differences Between Marketing and Advertising You Must Know

Marketing and Advertising are two different fields that share a basic commonality between them i.e both are customer-centric. While marketing is a process to sell the values of any product or service, advertising is the channel to support the goal of marketing. It helps in gaining more exposure to your products or services. Marketing and advertising are both increasing their demand in the field of career growth. If you are planning to get into these sectors, you can seek guidance from marketing assignment help. You can ask for guidance in pursuing the subjects and they will even help you to prepare for your admissions.

  • Responsibilities of Marketing and Advertising

The main responsibility of marketing is the branding of your business. Branding represents who you are in the market and it is always important to maintain your image in the market. Marketing has to make you reach the right audience and the right place at the right time.

Meanwhile, advertising is helpful to understand your existing customers and also the new customers you are looking for. Strong content formation is required to attract your customers, so advertising is responsible for creating attention for your customers.

  • Keeping an analysis of the competitors

When you work for a marketing team you have to know your competitors and the current trends in the market. You have to keep a track of what the customers say about your competitors.

As an advertiser, you will have to notice your competitor’s advertising strategies. You will be in charge of pitching the strategy to market the business including the process of advertising and the budget required for it.

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  • Relationship management and media management

To build a strong customer relationship, through marketing you can make surveys and introduce other feedback collection tools. As a marketing strategist, finding out if your services are meeting up to the customer’s expectations is helpful for the business.

Similarly for effective marketing, through advertising, you can make use of the channels to deliver the advantage of using the products and services. And through the contents, helps to develop trust for the customers.

  • Strategy development in marketing and advertising

In a marketing team, you will make sure that the business remains profitable and learn to make use of marketing tools and strategies. If you are proficient in using software tools and programs that help the business run smoothly will be an advantage.

And in the advertising area, from TV commercials to social media posts your role is to plan, research, create and execute the creative assets that apply to the advertising plan.

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  • Aims of marketing and advertising

In marketing, goals of marketing will tend to look for

  1. Lead generations
  2. New customer acquisitions
  3. Customer retention
  4. Maintain consistent branding
  5. Manage and create upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  6. Product development

Meanwhile working for an advertising team your goals should be firm to

  1. Attract first-time buyers
  2. Remind customers about your existing brand relationship
  3. Keep your customers satisfied and happy with their purchase
  4. Make the brand image strong
  5. Motivate your customers to repeat their purchase
  6. Make them purchase through ads

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