10 Things Windows Telephones over Android Telephones

Okay, okay, quiet yourselves, console fighters, we realize this is a most thing of you would presumably not concur with in light of the fact that can we just be look at things objectively, with more than 80% of cell phone piece of the pie on the planet, the Android versatile working framework drives the remainder of the opposition by a mile.

Maybe on the grounds that it is the operating system embraced by many driving brands of cell phones, discontinuity turns into an issue that plagues Android-controlled telephone. Here is a post by Azzief Khaliq that contends for and against the impacts of Android operating system fracture you ought to look at.

Here, the Windows Telephone’s quick and easy to understand operating system in addition to its mix with Microsoft-connected items has given numerous clients, especially who work a ton with Windows items, motivation to think about the coordinated portable stage. By all accounts, it offers a similar usefulness (and maybe a touch more) as do different stages yet these are 10 highlights that you might find preferred on a Windows Telephone over on an Android.

1. Quality Form Telephones With Excellent Plan For Everybody

The greatest ammunition to join the armory of Windows telephones must be Nokia’s association. With telephones going from $180 to $425, brandishing screen sizes from 4″ to 6″, Nokia has a lot of decisions for the economical as well as those are searching for a strong, smooth telephone, for example like Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixel camera sensor and Full HD video. You most certainly can get great incentive for your cash on the off chance that you simply keep your eyes open for a decent elective telephone, instead of quit looking once it isn’t on a “famous” operating system.

2. Flawless Applications

Albeit the Windows Application Store lingers behind the Play Store as far as amount, what counts with applications is the quality thus far Windows telephones take care of the fundamental necessities. Windows Telephone is certainly not an open source stage and Microsoft has a stricter measures set than Google about which applications and games can populate their particular commercial centers.

Thus, the application store answers with prevalent and better applications, and cleaner choices, than what Android applications can offer. They are reliable, dazzling, moderate and generally speaking, look better compared to they do on Android. I’d recommend you investigate 6tag (outsider application for Instagram), Spotify, Skype, and Facebook.

3. Consistent Email And Virtual Entertainment Combination

Windows Telephone with its main goal to construct a start to finish item insight for its clients, has a soild underlying online entertainment incorporated center that they use; it’s actual smooth and liquid. Individuals Center point gets refreshes from informal organizations like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Instead of opening individual applications individually, every one of your companions’ announcements and notices can be seen inside Individuals Center.

Facebook reconciliation on Windows Telephone likewise improves it than Android with regards to labeling pictures. It likewise permits you to utilize your telephone contacts as labels. You can switch between Facebook talk and typical message informing with your contacts on Windows Telephone.

4. Microsoft Coordination and Backing

The people who are utilized to Microsoft’s administration and programming would love to realize Windows Telephone functions admirably with Microsoft items like OneDrive Skype, Xbox, and OneNote. Not at all like Android, Windows Telephone accompanies free Office in the operating system itself. The versatile variant is helpful for in a hurry experts. You can see and alter, Succeed, PowerPoint and Word reports straight on your Windows Telephone. It likewise coordinates with OneDrive and clients can save their viable documents on Microsoft’s distributed storage administration.

5. Consistency Across All Gadgets

Android comes in such countless shapes and sizes, so execution and quality are dependably an inquiry. Windows Telephone anyway functions admirably on all degrees of gadgets from the passage level Lumia 520 to the top of the line Lumia 1020 with practically no observable slack at all. The moderate plan approach is applied at all Nokia’s Lumia scope of gadgets and known for best form quality.

6. Customizations on Lockscreen

Windows Telephone permits you to look at your notices from your lockscreen. Not just you can change Foundation pictures in Lock screen settings, yet Windows Telephones additionally permit the coordination of live applications on the lockscreen. A portion of the better application combinations are Bing and Facebook. Bing shows the Bing Image of the Day while Facebook shows photographs from your collections.

You can likewise browse photographs of yourself or make a choice of photographs to be displayed on your lockscreen. Another cool thing that you could do is to design the lock screen to show craftsman data while playing music. What are Oacian? Types, Characteristics and Qualities

7. Play your XBox games on Windows Telephone

On the off chance that you own a XBox, Windows Telephone has the ideal XBox joining to assist you with benefiting from your games, even on low-Slam gadgets. Microsoft has endeavored to coordinate Xbox usefulness, meaning you can work with your control center symbol to acquire focuses, actually look at your Gamerscore, message your companions and see your symbol.

In spite of Android having more games, Windows Telephones get Xbox games like Black-top 8: Airborne, Jetpack Drive around, Six Firearms and FIFA 14 free of charge. Each of the games run as expected; even on the low end Nokia Lumia Telephones, messing around is a breeze.

8. Flexibility of Live Tiles

Windows Telephones permit clients to stick anything they desire and how they need. Rather than gadgets, each application on your home screen goes about as a Live Tile. They provide you with a fast look at what’s happening in every individual application. We can see the time and climate through the weather conditions tile and notices from Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and email all from the principal screen.

Gadgets on Android are their own different elements and their tweaked looks as planned by their engineers. These plans subsequently can barely work together tastefully, particularly with practically no type of normalization. Tiles, then again, mix in and supplement the general tasteful impeccably and they additionally change progressively.

9. Disconnected Guides Coordination

Windows Telephone have HERE Guides and HERE Drive incorporated to its Lumia range, essentially Nokia’s option in contrast to Android’s Google Guides. It accompanies full disconnected capacities. Some Android cell phones, for example, World S4 likewise has disconnected route in Google Guides, however while Google Guides just permits you to download little areas of disconnected maps, you can download guides of nations with the Nokia Lumia Telephones and explore the nation over without an information association while driving.

10. Ever Expandable Capacity

Most Windows Telephone, even the passage level ones have 8GB of inside stockpiling and supports a microSD card of up to 64 GB. The free 7 GB distributed storage from Onedrive makes it far and away superior. This lessens the need to return to outsider web-based capacity arrangements, which might accompany similarity issues. OneDrive lets you reinforcement content to the cloud, Windows tablets, laptops, and obviously the Windows Telephone.


While Android offers more prominent application adaptability, Windows Telephone offers extraordinary potential, better combination over additional stages and smoothness. With the changing cell phone market, the world requirements a strong stage that has quality and the possibility to form into a full reach arrangement, that traverses across versatile, work area and the cloud. The procedures are now set up, and in the event that Nokia and Windows Telephone can endure the hardship, they may one day have the option to unseat Android from its iron grasp of the cell phone operating system market.

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