Produce Vlog, But Don’t Sell Your Private Life In Digital Market

In modern times, Vlog are the most popular among those who resort to social media to present their point of view, express their opinion on a topic, for entertainment or advertising purposes. This is a video where the vlogger uploads its ‘content’ to social media and certain platforms and can be viewed by anyone. These videos are a great source of income from home.

It is not necessary for a Vlogger to be educated either. Men, women of any age and class who are connected to a social media platform and know how to use a mobile phone or digital camera, by presenting content that captures the interest and attention of the common man, can become successful Vlogger.

Vlogging is definitely a time-consuming task, but if even one video goes viral, the Vlogger can get millions of ‘viewers’, making the income stream easy. Google now offers “YouTube Monetization” itself, whereby video uploaders get paid for displaying ads on Vlog. It seems that the more views a video gets on YouTube, the more money the vlog creator gets. And we loggers are also earning from home under this offer.

Vlogs can be created on different topics. Like beauty tips, traveling, games review, cooking etc. Especially young boys and girls who know how to use technology related to digital platforms and cameras etc., are making such vlogs and uploading them on their YouTube channel. Similarly, vlogs made on daily routines are also very popular among people and especially female vloggers are getting attention. From steaming tea in the morning, steaming hot parathas to preparing evening meals, these women share their routines with their channel viewers in their vlogs.

Their families are also a part of these vlogs, along with introducing them, the vloggers capture their routines like going out of the house, walking around, shopping and talking to each other, all of which are mirrored at their own convenience. Uploaded on the channel or Facebook page. Some vloggers online show all this directly and it doesn’t all look fake or artificial. This daily routine blog is broadcasted ‘live’ without ‘cut and edit’ in which the audience gets many times more engaged and their number of viewers can also be higher.

Even so, it is understandable, but unfortunately, in the lust for more money and fame, Vloggers are also seen crossing moral boundaries. Nothing can be said about how much truth and how much lies are contained in these v-logs, but it is certainly impossible for a viewer sitting many miles away to discover the ‘authenticity’ of the filmed events. The possibility cannot be ignored that vloggers also resort to dramatic measures to make their videos more popular and ‘viral’.

V-loggers also bring their domestic quarrels, infidelity to their husbands and private matters in front of everyone, which can affect their own relationships, relations and all this can become a source of embarrassment for the V-logger’s family as well. Especially when the relationship between the husband and wife and the resentment, repetition or quarrel between them is also made a part of the vlog, on the one hand it seems very strange and unnecessary, but what is more strange is that Fans and video watchers are asked for their opinions after a fight over a private matter and who is right and who is wrong. Another problem with such videos is that the women in them seem unconcerned with their traditions and values ​​when they know that their audience includes the young and the young. Flamboyant clothing along with inappropriate postures and provocative dialogues are often a part of Vlogs, which feel like they are being done on purpose. Similarly, women Vlogger seems to be trying to attract more people to her channel by exaggerating her issues and problems in a dramatic manner via vlog.

Even the step of uploading the video, driven by the strong desire to make it ‘viral’, often appears to be very cheeky and even unethical. The thumbnails on these videos are sensational and exciting and sometimes they give very low and inappropriate headlines or titles to attract vloggers. A common example of this could be “My husband has wronged me, my husband’s second marriage, my wife is taking my husband away from me, I am leaving home…etc” which increases the interest of the audience and makes them feel anxious. So they sit down to watch the video and Vlogger serves its purpose.

On the other hand, keeping his private life, self and bitterness and quarrels in front of the common people, when he asks people for advice and their opinion, he says whatever his heart wants. While some people comment on the video, they make slurs, slurs and some make jokes, then someone seriously starts to tell them the solution to their problem. Some insist on getting a divorce from the husband, and some even propose marriage to him in a public live session. Their stories sell like hotcakes in the digital world.

Among the women V-loggers, the houses of a few have also been destroyed. One day, while searching, the story of a V-logger couple came to light, on which the heart became depressed. What happened was that when their daily routine got popular on Vlogs, and their channel started talking, the couple’s channels got separated after differences first, then the house and finally the relationship ended completely. done The race to outdo each other in vlogging led them to divorce and thus the house was ruined. It is a pity that people have lost their ability to improve external conditions and they do not know what direction their personal affairs have reached and they are heading towards destruction.

What is happening the name of v-logging has left the family system at the crossroads in the glare of dollars. In another video, a sad situation is seen that a V-logger is accusing her sister-in-law of being involved in immoral activities with her husband and expressing her anger, she says that her sister has raped me. Ruined the house and I have proof. Then regular proofs are also shown. Many people also appeared to say that this is all a lie and the purpose of making such dramatic accusations is just to make the vlog go viral and increase revenue. Whether all this is true or false, one thing is for sure that such videos have spread the morals.

The limit is that on the other hand, the sister of this V-logger comes forward with her eyebrows and hair cut and responds to the allegations against her in her video. If this allegation was true and there was such a thing, then the matter which should have been resolved within the four walls of the house, was thrown open to all in the lust of dollars. These videos got millions of views and likes within a few hours, the viewers were hovering like bees on this spectacle, but unfortunately there was no one to stop them for such silly and pointless videos.

In the shower of millions of subscribers and dollars, vloggers have forgotten that dignity and personal dignity are very important in life. The joy of living with dignity in society and walking with your head up is something else. A person’s reputation and character are priceless. What is the use of dollars earned from such a video, on which thousands of comments are being written to humiliate and mock you, can a dollar earned from such a dishonorable act give you real happiness? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Vlogging on any topic is an effective and useful but very responsible practice. So, as a useful person, improve the society through your content. Make good and quality videos and with their help highlight the social evils and try to address them and offer solutions to the problems.

You can also create informative, useful and corrective videos in a fun way within the Daily Routine Vlog itself. Make sure to set a moral limit while making a vlog and keep your society and viewers of all ages in mind and then never cross that line. Be sure to make videos based on daily routines, but don’t put your private affairs on the digital market, because some things aren’t for sale like respect!

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