5 tips to make the best opening offer for your dream home

A home is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life. Unfortunately, you don’t learn how to do that in school. We are happy to guide you through the most exciting step of the purchasing process: the opening bid. Have you set your sights on a home and do you want to make an offer? These tips can help you keep a cool head.

1. Analyze the situation – and the competition

Is the house well maintained? Beautifully and practically located? And isn’t the asking price exaggerated? Then you may have to contend with a lot of competition. And as the economic law of supply and demand dictates, this means that you will have to bid higher to get the house.

The following questions can help analyze the situation:
• Why does the seller want to sell the house?
• How quickly does the seller want to sell?
• How long has the property been on the market?
• Has the asking price been adjusted downwards in the meantime?

2. Stay realistic

A lot of competition does not increase the objective value of a home. Making an extremely high offer is therefore a bad idea. The other bidders will usually also remain realistic in their opening bids. also read Prestige Lavender Fields

3. Offer lower than the asking price – but not too low

An opening bid is preferably as low as possible, but must be realistic. You want your offer to be taken seriously and you don’t want to offend the seller. Try to offer about 5 to 10% lower than the value of the house, but of course take the competition into account. 10 Lines on Coconut Tree in English

4. Negotiate

Once you’ve made the opening bid and it’s being considered, the game of give and take begins. In this way you eventually try to reach a compromise. Negotiating is a skill that you must master: you must maintain respect for the other party, strive for a win-win and, above all, keep thinking and acting positively. also read Brigade Calista

5. Yourself or through a broker?

Do you not feel completely comfortable negotiating? Then it might be better to hire a real estate agent. It is always useful to have someone at your side who has experience in such matters. Someone who can perfectly assess a situation and determine the ideal opening bid. With a real estate agent, the chance is virtually non-existent that you pay far too much for your home.

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