Another animal with the same characteristics is the axolotl

Some animals are known to change shape by stretching and relaxing their muscles. One such animal is the tiger salamander. Unlike the axolotl, the tiger salamander lives in water, and it undergoes metamorphosis once it leaves the water and returns to land.

Another animal with the same characteristics is the axolotl. The axolotl has several different names, and they include Mexican walking fish and mauve tongue.

These two animals are related, but they are different because the axolotl doesn’t transform into a terrestrial salamander. However, it’s possible to make an axolotl undergo metamorphosis by holding it under warm conditions.

These animals are commonly used to study metamorphosis Can Axolotls Turn Into Salamanders because they are easy to grow and breed. The tiger salamander doesn’t change shape because it is an aquatic animal. However, the axolotl can be forced to undergo metamorphosis by placing it in warm water.

This will cause the axolotl to change shape because it will become too warm. The axolotl’s skin can stretch in the water. Once the axolotl gets out of the water, its skin will be less elastic. It will also become harder.

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