Stunning Beaches Near Pune for a Perfect Weekend Trip

The rapid commercialization of Pune has made the city a metropolis in Maharashtra. With IT companies and grand hotels, Pune is also known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. There are so many places to visit near Pune to make your weekend relaxing and entertaining. If you are a water baby, there are many beaches near Pune for a soothing break. So, get ready, step away from your houses, and make this weekend unforgettable.

Best Beaches Near Pune

Kihim Beach 

Kihim beach is 3.5 km away from the city and is lined by dense vegetation and serene beauty that you can’t take your eyes off. The water of the beach is clean, the coastline is huge, and the seaside is well maintained. Due to the quick accessibility and cleaner shores, Kihim beach has become one of the most popular beaches near Pune among youngsters. You can chill here and experience the beautiful sunset along with birdwatching. In addition to that, do not miss out on tasting the regional seafood here. 

Distance from Pune: 143 km

Things to do: Enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach, peaceful sunset, and birdwatching

Alibaug Beach 

When it comes to the best sea beach near Pune, Alibaug tops the list. The beach is one of the most visited seashores near the city. With a huge coastline on the West Indian Coast, Alibaug beach is one of the most visited beaches near Pune. It is a perfect mix of shining sun, sand, and blue waters. The landscape of the beach is uniquely different from others because of its black sand. Like Kihim, Alibaug beach is also 3.5 hours away from Pune. Thus, it’s very easy to reach this majestic and beautiful seashore. You can gaze at the mesmerizing Arabian Sea, take a boat ride to Kolaba Fort, and witness the perfect view of the sunset here. 

Distance from Pune: 145 km

Things to do: Explore the Kulaba Fort, take a boat ride, get to see the most photogenic sunset views, and enjoy the scrumptious seafood 

Mandwa Beach

Mandwa beach is a bit further away from the city. It is a paradise for people looking for a peaceful beach destination near Pune. This Pune beach is home to extremely beautiful realms, a soothing climate, and calm waters. So, you can boost your energy by laying down near the beach and get a pleasant vacation. 

Along with its scenic atmosphere, the beach also offers various sports activities for adventure lovers. From bumper boat rides to jet skiing, it’s one of the popular beaches near Pune with water sports. Mandwa beach is also less crowded and takes you through the lush western ghats too.

Distance from Pune: 150 km

Things to do: Watch beautiful sunset, indulge yourself in water sports like jet-ski rides, bumper rides, and kayaking

Aksa Beach

Located 4 hours away from the city, Aksa Beach is one of the popular tourist destinations among locals and foreigners. The mesmerizing view of this beach, crystal clear water and less crowd make it a perfect weekend getaway. The pristine beauty of this beach is a treat to the eyes. For people who want to spend some peaceful time and feel the sandy breeze near Pune beach, it is the perfect place for them. So, take a break, and have fun with your friends and family at Aksa beach.

Distance from Pune: 178 km

Things to do: Book a room in a luxury resort and enjoy some peaceful time, try the local seafood, stargaze at the beach


Diveagar Beach

Another beautiful and unexplored beach is a good escape for a peaceful vacation. The beach is less crowded and filled with serene views. It is a slightly offbeat beach near Pune that is known as a picturesque site. Not only offbeat, but Diveagar beach is an untouched tourist destination too that most people are not aware of. So, if you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the calmness and peace of this mesmerizing beach.

Distance from Pune: 175 km

Things to do: Enjoy at a lavish resort, spot seagulls and crabs

These are the five most popular beaches near Pune that are perfect for a small break or weekend trip. You can enjoy the bright sun, sandy seashores, and breeze for a soothing time. These beaches are perfect for a family vacation or a trip with friends. So, don’t wait and book your tickets to India now!

If you have more beaches to your knowledge, do let us know in the comments below. Or if you have any travel trips to these beaches, write in the comment box too. 
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