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What is a septic tank?

ABG Urekha offering ISO certified bio cycle septic system with long lasting quality. A septic tank is a chamber that is buried underground to collect human waste and sewage water and to separate solids and liquids in wastewater. The septic tank was one of the foremost methods of wastewater treatment. Septic tanks have to be checked periodically. Otherwise, feces and food waste will clog it and cause it to overflow. These evolved into breeding grounds for bacteria, pathogens, and insects.

What are the impacts of septic tanks?

Some of the effects of septic tanks are listed below.

  • You must be knowledgeable about your septic system.
  • We can avoid drainage clogging and overflow by following these instructions.
  • Always be aware of what you put in the sink. Because the products like oil, hair, paper towels, toilet paper, wipes, and napkins that you have flushed will pave the way for sewage to flow back into your house.
  • If the septic tank leaks, the leaked water will contaminate the underground water.
  • The replacement of tanks may also cause

To avoid all these troubles, we are introducing Biocycle septic tanks and Bioseptic Tank cleaners from ABG Urekha and TCP Tamilnadu Bio Cement Products.

What are Biocycle septic tanks?

Bio septic tanks are being developed for the environmentally friendly disposal of human waste. This process is occurring in three stages. In the first stage, the collected human waste is cleaned with a bio-cleanser, which ingests all the solid waste. During the second stage, the bio-filters installed in the tanks purify the wastewater. In the final stage, the purified water is distributed to the evaporation tank, where it is evaporated under the ground. Our bio

What are the advantages of BioCycle septic tanks?

Some of the best advantages of bio-cycle septic tanks from ABG Urekha are listed below.

  • The bio septic tank at ABG-Urekha never overflows.
  • The pollution of groundwater is prevented.
  • There is no need to suction the wastewater with the help of a septic tank cleaner.
  • It protects us from the unpleasant aroma.
  • The bio septic tank is small and takes little time to install.
  • It is free from mosquitoes and cockroaches.
  • Bio septic tanks are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

All these amazing features are provided by ABG Urekha. They not only provide bio septic tanks, but they have also introduced a bio septic tank cleanser, which can also be used in standard septic tanks.

What are bio septic cleaners and their uses?

As we all know, everywhere we have septic tanks in houses, residences, hotels, educational institutions, hospitals, resorts, and restaurants. In every place, we are facing a problem of clogging and overflow due to fecal matter and food waste being stuck in the drainage systems. If you do not check this properly and periodically, this problem will increase. Therefore, to avoid the clogging of septic tanks, we will introduce a bio-septic cleanser from ABG Urekha. Our Septic tanks perfect suitable for your business places.

  • Bioseptic cleanser breaks down human fecal waste and food waste through the biological process in septic tanks.
  • It is odorless and germ-free.
  • There is no need for manpower to remove the clumsiness.
  • It is hygienic and healthy.
  • It prevents the entry of insects, mosquitoes, and pathogens into the septic tanks.
  • The investment amount is affordable.

ABG Urekha-TCP Tamilnad Bio Cement Products

ABG Urekha-TCP Tamilnadu Bio Cement Products is the explorer of the new idea of bio septic wastewater treatments, which are bio septic tanks. The main aim of ABG Urekha is to provide an eco-friendly and pollution-free environment with good-quality bio septic tanks. We have received a good name for this exploration.

What are the services provided by ABG Urekha?

ABG Urekha is dealing with a wastewater management system in a biological process.

  • Quality: Providing standard-quality septic tanks throughout India
  • Saves water: It helps to increase the level of the groundwater table.
  • Non-filling tanks: We are using the non-filling septic tank method with the help of tablets.
  • Environmentally friendly—prevents odors and insects.
  • Low maintenance: Never panic and think about maintenance.
  • Low-cost septic tanks are cost-effective.


ABG Urekha is providing Bio Clean Drain Cleaner and bio septic tank cleansers. It decomposes the putrefying bacteria and the odor in a biological manner. We are providing you with the best experience in wastewater management systems you have never had before. Call for order +91 86800 90003 or visit www.

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