Catalysts are chemicals that can change the speed of a reaction

Catalysts are chemicals that can change the speed of a reaction. They can speed up or slow down a chemical reaction. Many catalysts are available, and you don’t have to be a chemistry major to use them. You just need to understand how catalysts work. You may have seen this in a science fair project. A lot of chemical reactions are slow. Catalysts help change the reactions so that they are faster. When you apply a catalyst to a reaction, it will speed it up. You can speed up reactions with acids and bases. A catalyst that speeds up a reaction is called an acid catalyst. A catalyst that slows down a reaction is called catalyst purchase price a base catalyst. A catalyst that slows a reaction and causes it to end earlier is called a deactivator. There are three types of catalysts: solid-phase, liquid-phase, and gas-phase. Solid-phase catalysts are usually used in industrial processes. They may also be added to your food or cosmetics. Liquid-phase catalysts are usually used for making organic compounds. The process is slower than when using catalysts with solid-phase materials. Gas-phase catalysts are used in combustion processes.

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