How Can I Make My Bed Look Glamorous?

Who hasn’t admired beautiful houses shown in full-page spreads of decorating magazines or on popular interior decorating websites? The room has been accessorized perfectly, there is no sign of mess, and if the room is a bedroom, the bed is straight out of a decorator’s dream. A bed neat enough to win a drill sergeant’s approval, topped with perfectly positioned shams and throw pillows, and finished with a throw blanket folded just so, at the foot, the bed look too good to mess up at bedtime. Quality beds can be purchased by your bedding wholesale suppliers in your country.

Quality Bed Linens

Firstly, we would like to point out that this is not a sponsored post. It is a collection of our opinions on the subject of bedding. To begin with, I would recommend getting a linen top sheet if you can afford it. That is the best feeling you can get in bed. Fitted sheets, I don’t like them, and they are extremely expensive, but a linen top sheet feels like butter and is very soft.

I have found that and offer the best prices for linen sheets that I have seen so far. The top sheet of a bed is the only sheet that you need to purchase in linen if you wish to save money on sheets. It is possible that you might like Brooklinen’s cotton sheets if you prefer not to use linen sheets. Due to the fact that they are only sold online, they are able to bring factory direct pricing so that they can offer higher quality sheets at a lower price. I would recommend Boll and Branch sheets as well, which are factory direct. There is not enough elastic in the fitted sheets, which means they constantly slip off the mattress.

Add Pillows 

When you fill your bedroom with a million pillows, it looks nice, but going to bed becomes a chore. There’s a constant cycle of putting pillows on and taking them off. Ideally, you should have two sleeping pillows plus 2-4 additional pillows for accents, but no more. The pillows look nice if they have a mix of fabrics and patterns and are of different sizes. A good combination of sizes and heights for my two-bed pillow design is two standard or king pillows, two larger Euro pillows and a long lumbar pillow.


If you use a blanket for warmth, adjust the top hem of the blanket so that it is roughly one pillow width below the upper edge of the mattress. Follow the same procedure as with the fitted sheet to spread the sides of the blanket evenly over the mattress. This piece sets the style for your bedroom, whether you choose a quilt, bedspread, comforter, or duvet. Make sure the bed topper is evenly draped over all sides of your mattress by laying it over the blanket (or fitted sheet if you don’t want to use a blanket). Ensure that the top of the comforter is at least a pillow’s width below the top of the mattress. I would suggest that you fold the exposed top of the top sheet over the topper and tuck the sides tightly in.

Texture and Layering:

Another key fashion trend is texture, as well as layering. If you want to achieve a taste of ‘casual elegance, layer up your bedding for an effortless look that doesn’t try too hard.

Try a Bolster:

As far as comfort goes, having a bolster to fill in that awful corner between the mattress and the headboard makes a big difference when you are reading in bed. You don’t even have to touch it, so you don’t have to do anything. To make the bed in the morning, you don’t have to move the coverlet. The coverlet stays where it is.

Colour Palette

Bring a bold design to the bed. Then, create a theme around the bedding. A bedding design with botanical details can be complemented with a lush green plant and vibrantly coloured walls.

Quality Bedding

It is true that you get what you pay for when it comes to bedding, both in terms of the duvet covers and pillows. Choose the best bedding you can afford – it will not only look great but also last a long time. Make sure to shake pillows and duvets before dressing the bed to even out the filling and restore their plumpness.

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