How do you style specific trends

Slay With A Side Slit Kurti

Side slit kurti are very popular because of the added pizazz it adds to an outfit. These kurtis are long, with side slits that reach all the way to your waist. They allow for easy movement and give you a bold look. This kurti can be modified to have citymorguemerch two side slits. It allows your bottoms and hips to shine in the spotlight. Wear long kurtis that have side slits and pair well with skinny jeans. How do you style specific trends

They allow for easy movement

You might consider a pair of joggers that are well-fitted and comfortable. This is your personal style tip. This kurti isn’t your typical Kurti. It’s swaggy, and edgy and offers the perfect opportunity for experimentation with your hair and makeup. Bewakoof Sliders are the perfect casual footwear for you if you’re looking for comfortable shoes that can be worn with both Indo-western and Western Casual outfits. How do you style specific trends

5.   Fire up your look with the front-slit kurta

For the funky front-slit Kurti, ditch your boring t-shirts. Sometimes your outfit just needs a little extra help. A small twist can make it stand out. You might just need a front slit to break up the boredom. This front-slit kurti paired with jeans looks hot! It’s almost as hot as a crop top! How do you style specific trends

This Kurti looks best when it is made of flowy fabrics like silk, georgette, and chiffon. If the material is anything else, the kurti will look stiff and boxy. We are sure you don’t want this!

They can be worn with almost any type of jeans, but we recommend ripped jeans. For that Fire look, add striking bracelets, earrings, and rings with bold, smoky eyes and soft waves to complete the look. There are many options for jeans kurti, but ultimately it comes down to what look is most you.


Simply put on your favorite pair of jeans, choose a kurti you like, and you’ll have a look that will suit any fashionista.

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