How Long Does It Take to Recover from Lower Eyelid Bag Surgery?

When it comes to eyelid bag surgery, how long would it take to recoup? Rehabilitation after blepharoplasty can take many months. The following suggestions will assist you to heal faster. Throughout 2018 and 2019, demands for facial cosmetic procedures climbed by 6%. Blepharoplasty or eye bag surgery is among the most popular medical treatments. Are you considering having eyelid treatment soon? It’s a good idea to have realistic assumptions about the rehabilitation procedure prior you start. To heal, you will have to spend some time away from your regular routines.

Concerns Following Your Surgery

Individuals will be kept in the recuperation area following the blepharoplasty operation to guarantee their safety. The following are examples of minor adverse symptoms that may occur shortly afterwards surgery:

  • Light responsiveness is a term used to describe a person’s sensitivity to lights
  • Seeing is hazy
  • Eyes that are watering
  • Eyelids that are stiff and swollen
  • Doubtful perception
  • a little ache or soreness
  • Blisters or inflammation

Somebody will have to come and collect you up following your cosmetic procedures. Make arrangements for somebody to accompany you the very first night after your cosmetic procedure.


Disfiguring, ballooning, and the development of the incision/scar are the three stages of the rehabilitation process. The bruising fades earliest, taking two to three weeks. The next stage is ballooning, which is far more varied and can persist up to Eight weeks or longer. It’s a slow, steady decline. Returning to work or appearing in society will commence Five to Ten days after the operation, and will be governed by your degree of satisfaction instead of a health cause. It’s crucial to remember that following your eyelid operation, you’ll have scars from the eyelid bag surgery site. It can require a year or longer for all those scars to recover to their full potential. You may guarantee that your skin recovers adequately throughout this time by following suitable eyelid surgical recuperation practices.

Rehabilitation Suggestions

Here are some eyelid surgical recuperation suggestions nowadays that you understand what is expected from blepharoplasty. With all these suggestions, you can speed up your recuperation and ensure appropriate healing. Make sure to follow your surgeon’s directions to the letter! Under no conditions should you implement alterations to such guidelines without firstly consulting the surgeon or his or her team.

1. Take a Break

Recall how long it took you to heal from your eyelid surgical procedure? It is critical to plan ahead of time for days off from a job, study, or other everyday routines. You’ll need to get this time to fully recover. Ask somebody to handle your principal duties for you if necessary. You may, for instance, require somebody to drive and collect up your children from school. You may even need somebody at the workplace to help you with your obligations. Before your operation, make sure to fill your refrigerator and cupboard with convenient items. Alternatively, maintain your routine free of obligations and allow yourself a chance to recuperate.

2. Practice Self-Care

Your surgeon may advise you to do the following to aid in the recuperation after your eyelid surgical procedure:

  • Eyes should be treated with ice packs. The usage of ice for the first three days is critical.
  • Gently wipe your eyelids.
  • Use the eye medicines or creams that your doctor has recommended for you.
  • Scratch your eyes as little as possible.
  • After your eyelid bag surgery, you should not use contact lenses for at least 2 weeks.
  • During the first several days following your operation, rest with your head up above your chest.
  • Quit smoking.

3. Be Persistent

It’s critical to go into your saggy eyelid treatment with reasonable goals. Knowing how the recuperation procedure works ahead of schedule will help you stay calm and focused on the final objective. Following treatment, your eyelids will most likely appear swollen. The wounds will most likely be red as well. The inflammation and bruises that accompany blepharoplasty healing are similar to a black eye. That’s all very natural. Keep your cool and you’ll see the effects of your eyelid bag surgery in no time.

4. Keep Your Eyes Safe

Throughout your rehabilitation, it’s critical to keep your eyes protected from the wind, sunshine, as well as other factors. If you really must get out there, defend yourself by wearing dark sunglasses as well as a hat. Use sunscreen as well as fulfil some other directions that have been provided to you.

5. Don’t Overwork or Overstress Yourself

During the recuperation procedure, it is critical to avoid hurting your eyes. During the week preceding your procedure, prefer to avoid studying, watching media and entertainment, or accessing your emails. Rather, take some time to rest your eyes. Also, stay away from any other actions that may lead your eyes to run dry.


Eyelid bag surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure in which your eyes get modified and changed, keep in mind that you should take appropriate measures to help you recover faster.

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