How To Create A Streaming App Like Netflix In 2023?

Video streaming is getting more and more important in ultramodern businesses. As with other digital tools, still, online videos can be vulnerable to hacking and other security issues. Create a streaming app has become an increasingly challenging issue to overcome and companies use security measures to eliminate pirating, hacking, and other digital attacks each time. 

This is why using a secure video streaming platform is so important to professionals. In this post, we will concentrate on secure videotape hosting and delivery. Specifically, we will give you six steps to start a secure video streaming platform.  

Ways to start a streaming app like Netflix in 2023?

The development of a Netflix-style business isn’t as hard as it seems. To achieve this, you need to follow the best ways given here:  

Step 1: Research the Market 

• Analyze the streaming market, competition and target audience

The first thing to do is to decide your niche. Some of the popular ones are: 

a. Entertainment

Netflix and HBO show us that entertainment streaming services are veritably profitable. The followership is big enough to accommodate a new streaming provider.

b. Fitness

Fitness is another prospective niche for VOD services. People would love to pay for a subscription to have access to fitness-related content anytime.

c. Education

People are more likely to watch “How to” videos, more than they watch tutorials and instructions. 

• Research the legal aspects and regulations of streaming services

Still, you need to get a license for public performance, if you want to collaborate with video distributors. You can deal with that by renting a ibomma movie from an authorized distributor or Contacting the copyright holder 

You can choose depending on your business goals. If you choose the first option you might have to reach out to one of the leading authorized distributors, who can give you a potential debut with licensing and distribution.  

As for the alternate option, you need to get in touch with the owner of the content.  

Step 2: Establish a Business Plan 

• Outline your business goals and objectives

Draw your pretensions by brainstorming ideas from your team. Here are a few examples:

a. Live interviews or Q&As:

Interview someone in your company or invite an industry expert for a live interview. 

b. Product launches:

Do live product launches to attract potential customers with all the details, including how to use it. 

c. Live tutorials:

You can conduct live sessions that explain how to complete a particular task. Allow viewers to ask questions during the stream via live chat.

d. Contests and giveaways:

Host a competition or announce a prize giveaway. Make it a lead magnet by asking participants to subscribe to your email list.

You can adapt these formats for your brand and create similar content that is specific to you and your viewers.  

• Determine the best pricing model for your streaming service

Here are three monetization models:  

a. Pay-Per-View: It’s the most straightforward pricing scheme, which means that the viewer pays for every video that he/she views.

b. Advertising: You can charge companies for running ads on your platform.

c. Subscription: Netflix uses this subscription-based monetization strategy. And professional broadcasters use this strategy. You can use this monetization technique if you will consistently be uploading new content on your platform.

• Identify revenue sources and advertising options

There are various advertising options that work and are categorized as Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll ads.

Pre-Roll – Plays at the beginning of a video.

Mid-Roll – Plays in the middle of a video.

Post-Roll – It gets played at the end of a video.

These ads are generally skippable or non-skippable and VOD ads are shorter in length and are often less premium than those on TV. 

But with the popularity of Smart TVs and consumption of VOD content, advertisers spend more if the ad is targeted to a Smart TV vs a Laptop or Mobile Phone.  

Step 3: Design Your Streaming App 

  • Define the features and design your streaming app

Add the needed features to enable customization over various user interfaces in addition to the essential components needed for interaction. Some extra features that can help are:

a. Social Sign-In

Social media platforms help people connect more often. Including a social sign-in offers the ease of connecting their social media account to their video streaming account, offering flexibility.

b. Machine Learning Algorithm

The most important component of video streaming software is AI. Machine learning algorithms help to generate a virtual map of user preferences, which helps in content development.  

c. Localization

Multilingual support is another important add-on that can greatly improve the usability of your website and draw the attention of a global audience on shuftipro. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you make your app support as many languages as you can. 

d. Offline Download

The Offline download is a much-appreciated feature for commuters and tourists who will not have access to a reliable internet connection at all times. So creating a mobile video streaming app has to include offline downloads as well.  

  • Research the best platforms for app development

Although there is no difference between app development for iOS and Android, for MVP it is better to start with only one Operating System. 

Also, build a video streaming app/website as streaming services are also applied in web versions as well. 

  • Create a UI/UX design for the app

When users come to a video streaming app, they expect to enjoy the content, not to fill out forms. So, one of the first UI/UX design principles for a video streaming app like Netflix is to offer a hassle onboarding experience.

Step 4: Build Your App like Netflix

• Choose a reliable app development team or platform

You have two choices to go for. One is forming your house team. In this case, you have to hire backend and frontend developers, business analysts, UX experts and graphic designers. The second option is outsourcing your video streaming app development to another company as it requires specific knowledge and experience. 

Once you choose the right partner, it is easy to develop the app according to the design and features. The next important thing that comes into play is planning your app’s functionality and features. List all the functionalities you want to add and features needed to get the expected results, which will be the minimum viable product version of the app.

• Develop the app according to the design and features

You have to keep in mind that your app development needs continuous monitoring of the inclusion of individual design components and features. Refer to your process plan throughout the process of development. Building an inclusive app is the one that can give you what you expect for an outcome. 

• Ensure that the app is compatible with all major operating systems

You can build a large user base for your app by making it compatible using a single APK. 

You can get this done by disabling optional features during runtime and providing app resources with alternatives for various configurations. Moreover, you can also restrict your app’s availability to devices using Google Play Store. You can do this based on features, screen configuration and platform version of the device used. 

Step 5: Create Your Video Content 

• Identify the type of content you will offer

Understand the importance of quality content and invest in it to keep viewers hooked. When trying to create a video streaming website like Netflix, it is important to create a well-defined strategy for the type of content you will be streaming through your platform. You have to keep in mind that the quality and variety of content are important to increase the growth rate of paid subscribers.

• Create or acquire the necessary content

Create intriguing titles and descriptions to capture the attention of your viewers. Add appealing visuals using relevant thumbnails and trailers. 

Enable convenient features to make your content accessible to your viewers by offering appropriate subtitles. Group your video content under relevant themes to help viewers select the type they want.

• Upload the content to the app in a secure and encrypted manner

Making great content isn’t sufficient but making it truly secure alone makes it complete content that is worthy to be sought after. So securing it from hackers requires you to follow a set of serious security protocols. Encrypting your content is the way to go to protect your content from pirating. 

Step 6: Launch and Promote the App 

• Test the app for any bugs or errors

Your video streaming app development has to go through concurrent testing to identify bugs. Testing helps identify functionality issues and bugs at an early stage in the process. It helps to identify the behavior of your application from the perspective of the user. And this helps you maintain high streaming quality across platforms.  

• Promote the app through various channels

Promoting your app is an essential part of your marketing efforts. Utilize the potential of social media platforms to get your brand to a wider audience in a short time. Use multiple online marketing channels like YouTube to promote your content beyond geographical boundaries. 

• Monitor user feedback and respond to user queries

Your users are your priority. Getting their review and knowing their experience with your app is key to the enhancement of your app and the quality of service it can offer to your potential customers. So use their feedback to enhance your app with all the essential features, add those features and release a new version of your app to build customer loyalty.


A streaming app is more than a mobile app, as it offers your users a streaming experience in a very competitive market space. Each feature must be considered when creating an app like Netflix – from research and development, and testing, to the launch must be perfectly organized for a superior streaming experience. 

Now with this basic roadmap, you can easily create a streaming app like Netflix. 

Choose a streaming app provider that has a team of highly-experienced web & mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, & software testers who can help you every step of the way.  

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