How to Draw Fruits Easily

How to Draw Fruits. Still, life has a rich tradition throughout art history.

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Many artists have managed to put their creative spin on a selection of inanimate objects sitting on a table, and the most common motif for this is a bowl of fruit.

Fruit is often chosen for the various shapes, textures, and colors on display. However, this strain can also make learning to grow fruit more difficult.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a Picasso to learn this, and you’re on the right track!

This step-by-step guide to drawing fruit will let you unleash your inner artist.

How to Draw Fruits

Step 1

In this fruit drawing guide, we will draw various fruits! In this first part, we start with the orange, the lemon, and the pear.

You should start with the lemon since it’s the closest thing to us as viewers. You will draw this lemon with curved lines, a slight bump, and a small stem on top.

So you use rounder lines for the orange and pear, and these fruits have larger stems with a leaf on top.

We won’t be drawing the base of the fruit for now, so let’s get started!

Step 2

In this second part of your fruit drawing, we’ll add two more fruits. First, a strawberry will be on the bowl’s left side.

Thus, an apple comes before all other fruits, as shown in the reference image. The apple also has a thick stem with a leaf on it.

These fruits don’t have a base yet, but we’ll add them soon!

Step 3

This fruit bowl looks great! We will add another fruit in this third step of our fruit drawing guide.

This will be a watermelon that you will draw with two straight lines. Then you can insert many small rounded shapes into the watermelon to get the seeds out. That’s all for this step, so move on to Part 4!

Step 4

It’s time to continue building on your fruit bowl for this part of your fruit design! This time we’ll draw a peach that you can draw with a round line.

Then there will be a curved line and another small stem and leaf. There’s just one more fruit left to add and a few final touches, and we’ll get those parts done in the next few steps!

Step 5

There is only one more fruit to add to this fruit drawing guide! Finally, let’s add some bananas to the left panel on the right side.

To draw them, use some curved lines for the bodies of the bananas with a thin stem on top. Then you can use a slight cube shape at the end to show where the bananas are connected.

Step 6

You are almost ready to enjoy coloring with your fruit drawing! There are just a few items we need to add before we do that, so let’s take care of that now.

The main thing to add is the plate on which the fruit will sit. To do this, draw a thin, long shape under the base of the fruit.

Then use another long, curved line underneath for the base of the panel.

This is enough for the details in this guide, but feel free to add more details before proceeding!

You could add more fruit or other objects or create an exciting background.

Step 7

This brings you to the final step of this how-to-draw fruit guide! You did a great job drawing this picture, so now you can relax with some fun coloring to finish it.

We’ve used the typical coloring for each fruit in our reference image to give you a clue as you color.

Even if you keep the colors more realistic, you can add even more color to this image in many ways.

You can tint some brown or green spots on the fruit for an idea or use subtle colors to add texture detail.

If you have drawn background details, you can use your favorite colors too!

We mentioned that still, lives are rife in art history, so you could experiment with mediums like acrylics or watercolors to keep up that tradition!

Your Fruit Drawing is Finished!

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