How to write employment letters: The art of writing employment letters

It is crucial only to include information that is relevant to your request in an employment letters. Don’t include any personal or sensitive details about employees. The media could misuse them.

You might be ask to write employment verification letter for your employee for several reason. Sometime request come from employee within your company, while in other case, a request from third party looking for confirmation of employment information could be made.

This page will explain the reason employer ask for letter of employment. It also include example of employment letter that can be use to help you write your verification letter. So, we will be the looking at the different types of employment letters.

What is an employment contract?

A letter of employment, or verification, confirms the worker’s job and employment history.

A third party could be also apply for an employment contract.

What is the difference between an employment letters?

The referee checks an employee’s background information, including criminal history and previous addresses. This broad term covers information about the former employee’s character, work attitude and professional skills.

On the other hand, an employment letter is only contains details about the employee’s employment, such as the date of work, job title and description, and the total time. This letter confirms the employee’s employment status.

Writing employment letters

Your company human resource department might be require to draft job letter to employee who want to provide proof of employment. These letters could be sent to bank or financial institutions and employer change. A template employment letter is a great way to respond. It can be alter to fit your unique circumstance.

This document will confirm the status of the employee’s employment, pay dates, annual salaries, and any other details based on the reason they require an employment letter from an outside party. It will also include the information of the company will share.

Why do employees require an employment letter?

An employee which can request an official letter of employment in general for the following reasons:

After the applicant has been approve for a home or car loan, their financial instinct want to verify the employment letter to confirm detail about the employee. Before approving the loan, they want to verify that the applicant is stable or permanent. They also want you to see if the worker can afford the monthly instalments.

The employee wants to rent out their house. The estate management company has asked the employee to provide the employment letter. This confirms their employment information and shows they have the funds to cover the rent payment and other expenses.

They have asked for the reduction or deferral of their loan payments. The financial institutions will require an employment letter to determine whether they will consider your request. This is to show that you have current income and proof of employment.

The employee is interest in applying for a job at a different company. The new employer requested a letter of employment to confirm the employee’s information and conduct background checks.

Employees don’t need to disclose the reason they require the letter. However, the employee must specify the information of what they want to include in the employment letter and the contact details.

What should your employment letter say?

The information that must be include in an employment letter depend on the information the third-party request and what the employer can share. Before sharing details with a third party, employers should ask employees to sign of the consent form.

You must print the employment letters on the official letterhead of your business. The following information is require for a perfect employee confirmation letter:

·     Name of the employer

·     The address of the employer

·     Name and address details of the company that requested the letter

·     Name of the employee

·     Date of employment

·     The job title

·     Employee JD

·     The current year’s salary

·     Reason for resignation/termination (if required/applicable)

It is essential to check with the company asking for your request if they require physical letters. Or if an email suffices. A letter of employment must be concise, clear, and direct. It should only contain the information requested by the third party.

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