If you are interested in Barrowford

If you are interested in Barrowford, you will want to know how many people live here. The population numbers of this place tell you about how much business is going on in the area. These numbers also show you how many people there are in the Barrowford & Western Parishes area. The town has 9,985 people, so the town is pretty big. But it’s nothing compared to other towns in Lancashire. The population of this place has been increasing slowly in the last five years. In 2004, there were 7,817 people living in the town. In 2008, that number increased to 8,958. The increase was 5.5% higher than it had been the previous year.

This is a significant increase. If you look at the figures in the national totals, you will see that they also increased over the last 5 years. Between 2001 and 2005, the population houses for sale barrowford of Pendle rose by 1.4% to just under 1.7 million people. During that time, the population of the country increased by 6.6%, which means that Pendle grew almost 4 times as fast as the national average. Between 2005 and 2008, Pendle grew by 6.4%, which meant that the town population continued to rise. During that time, the national total population increased by only 2.

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