Liquid EHR VS Revolution EHR: The EHR Showdown 2023 

A full Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software system. It is also included in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solution known as Liquid EHR. It is intended for optometry practices that are modest to medium-sized. Its primary services include records administration, medical billing, and scheduling. Workflow systems, compliance checks, mailing list generators, and audit trails. Moreover, document management, integrated e-Prescribing (e-Rx), and customizable exam tools. These are some of the noteworthy characteristics for which it is renowned in the market. Some of its capabilities, like historical Intraocular Pressure (IOP) charts, default eye charts, picture management, drawing tools, and frames data integration, are unique to the eye-care sector. The users have access to a variety of accessibility options. For example: 

  • Access to tools for filing insurance claims electronically 
  • Checks for prescription interactions and allergies 
  • Problem lists 
  • Medication recommendations 
  • Smoking status and more are a few of them. 

Revolution EHR is an electronic health record system hosted in the cloud. And tailored for optometry and ophthalmology services. Patients can access their own health records. Through the software’s monthly membership charge. That is subject to additional setup costs. It also features a robust practice management system. The ONC-ATCB-certified EHR’s capabilities: 

  • Customized records for various exam kinds 
  • Access to past exam data 
  • The capacity to produce letters based on the outcomes of medical exams.  

In addition to document or picture management and ePrescription issuance capabilities, a packed care plan library can be tailored to meet specific scenarios. 

Liquid EHR Software Features 


It is important for an EHR to have  

Appointment Scheduling  

Patients may request and book appointments, see patient data, determine availability, and browse waitlists. Through their portal, thanks to Liquid EMR’s user-friendly scheduler. The user can view the following: 

  • Patient appointments 
  • Past billings 
  • Patient histories 
  • Diagnoses 
  • Attach family members to the primary insurer 
  • and much more with these data that are easily customizable and editable. 

To decrease no-shows, cancellations, or rescheduling for a different day. Patients will receive appointment reminders via email or phone. To amend or schedule appointments, front-desk. Workers can use use the color-coding feature or drag-and-drop feature. 

Health Records 

Liquid EHR offers an electronic health record (EHR) that contains all pertinent medical. And treatment history information from all sources. And is a digital representation of the patient’s records. This electronic information is stored in your office and is kept private. Additionally, its EHR features provide a thorough and long-term perspective of the patient’s health. By combining data from many providers. Additionally, you get access to crucial information, including demographics, test results, and drug history. 

Patient Portal  

An EHR must have a patient portal that is robust and easy to use. Liquid EHR offers a great portal that users can really benefit from. A patient portal is essential to every medical practice. It allows customers to make appointments independently. And get test results, and pay invoices, saving you time and money. As a result, it is critical for eye care practice to make information easily accessible to patients. You may get in touch with patients using the Liquid EHR client portal. And help them arrange appointments, look at visit records, and even pay their bills from the comfort of their own homes. You can examine the patient portal’s numerous features during the EHR demo. 

Liquid EHR Pricing  

Two-tiered subscription subscriptions are available for The Liquid EMR. Every user of the In-Office price option will pay $199 per month. While the Cloud subscription option will cost $299 per month. The setup is free of charge. Depending on your needs, you can set up local or global workstations. Additionally, users will have unrestricted access to technical help. 

Liquid EHR Reviews 

The user’s reviews online are quite positive. Many users appreciate the software. The patient portal has been very helpful and has gained a lot of appreciation.  

Revolution EHR Features 

Health Records 

Patients can edit historical records online. Thanks to personal health record features that grant them secure access. Along with appointment booking and reminders. Users may also examine order status, account balance, and the entire practice contact information. That too, on Mac, PC, or iPad devices. 


Clinicians also have access to patient recollections, drug interactions, and allergy interaction checks. Along with problem lists, active medication lists, medication recommendations, educational resources, smoking status, vital signs, and other information. Additionally, users get access to clinical summaries, lab test data, and the ability to remind patients. Additionally included are encryption features, audit logs, and access controls. 

Paperless Workflow 

Most of the paperwork for doctors is eliminated with Revolution EHR Software, ensuring the efficient operation of their practice. The platform enables doctors of optometry to address IT-related problems. And concentrate more on their work. Revolution EHR allows users to arrange their patients digitally. And is primarily designed for small and midsize clinics, specialized groups, and corporate affiliates. Revolution EHR promises a combination of scheduling, accounting, and patient list building. Also, product/service categorization, document management, and reporting tools for practice management. 

Revolution EHR Pricing 

The subscription fee starts from $299. Based on the number of doctors in your practice. Your monthly cost gives you unrestricted access to Revolution EHR. For all of your staff members and physicians across all locations and devices. All program features, upgrades, management, security, and backup of your data stored in our data center are included. 

Revolution EHR Reviews 

The product can be modified. The price is fair. As with most modern software, it is cloud-based, making installation and startup simple. Decreased expenditures for IT. When you have a routine exam, the one-click normal button is useful. The program is useful if most of your patients undergo routine eye exams. And have only minor diseases. It slows you down more the more disease and diagnosis documentation you have to do. 


Liquid EHR and Revolution EHR are both great software. They offer a lot of features users can benefit from. It is important to schedule a demo of both, though. It will help you understand them better before investing.  

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