Multani Fashion Century Old Tradition Getting Obsolete??

Fashion-The fashion industry keeps on changing, as new trends rise and fall through process called the fashion cycle .Fancy Golden Gotta, Pasting Gotta,

Fancy Golden Gotta, Pasting Gotta,Hand Embroidered Phulkari Shirt And Dupatta, Traditional Hand made Chunnri these word might be known to ongoing young generation in Pakistan. This Ethnic Fashion by every passing years is getting old and forgotten.

Todays Generation is normally focusing to Western attires as compared to traditional and ethnic dresses from our own soil.

However these dresses can be seen in Marriage ceremonies only that might also be with few number of women wearing.

In the quest to find availability of these articles with the most used tech feature of online shopping we surprisingly found only few facebook pages which were selling these articles and also not expecting we found e-commerce platform which was selling only these articles along with other products.

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