Paving Stones

Paving stones are a reliable and popular landscaping choice, available in an array of colors, textures and shapes.

They provide numerous advantages that cannot be replicated with other hardscape products, such as being attractive, secure, adding to the value of your home, being highly durable and low maintenance.


Selecting the ideal paving stones for your landscape is a critical element of any hardscaping endeavor. You want the paving to be long-lasting, eye-catching and effortless to maintain.

Brick pavers typically cost $4 to $8 per square foot on the low end, while stone pavers can range in cost from $15 to $20 per square foot. Natural stone pavers tend to be more expensive due to both material costs and additional labor needed for installation.

Concrete is another option for driveways or walkways, costing from $3 to $6 per square foot on the low end. This price includes installation, sealant and snow stick.

The cost of a concrete slab varies based on its size, thickness and color. Additionally, it depends on how long it takes to pour and lay it.

Interlocking paving stones may be more expensive than concrete or asphalt, but they are incredibly durable and will last for decades. Plus, their flexibility makes them ideal for adding heavy loads without worry of cracking or erosion.

Furthermore, they are non-slip, meaning you won’t have to worry about slipping on them when wet. Furthermore, they require less installation and upkeep than poured concrete and can save you money in the long run.

Paving stone driveways or patios can add to the appeal of your property and increase its value. They can support up to four times the weight of poured concrete and last 30 years or longer.


Paving stones are a popular choice for driveways, patios and walkways due to their aesthetic appeal, durability, safety and ease of upkeep. Not only that but they can add value to your home with their wide range of styles and colors available.

Pavers are typically three times stronger than concrete and resistant to cracking due to freeze-thaw cycles. Furthermore, pavers are flexible enough to distribute pressure or weight evenly.

Pavers are an ideal option for homeowners seeking an economical, long-lasting hardscape product they can enjoy for years to come. Furthermore, these pavers are environmentally friendly and many areas provide tax incentives to encourage installation.

Additionally, paving stones are more easily repaired than concrete slabs if one or several start cracking. A professional can remove the cracked stone and replace it with a new piece of paving stones, restoring the original aesthetic and feel of your installation.

Easy to install

Paving stones are an excellent way to add style and functionality to your outdoor areas. They can be used for beautifying patios, walkways and firepit areas alike; plus they come in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Installing pavers is a relatively straightforward process that doesn’t need professional assistance. Simply lay the pavers out in an even pattern on top of a base layer of gravel and sand to secure them in place.

Before installing paving stones, be sure to consult your local utilities company to confirm there are no underground pipes or wires in the vicinity. Doing this will guarantee any potential issues can be addressed promptly.

If your paving stones are made of natural stones like granite or marble, they may need sealing on a regular basis to protect them from UV rays. If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, professional paver sealing services can provide an affordable and convenient alternative.

Poured concrete is another popular paving material with a long history and reputation for durability. Unfortunately, it does not provide as many design options as paving stones do.

Poured concrete and stamped concrete have their advantages, but paving stones are an equally great choice for outdoor hardscape. Compared to asphalt or concrete, paving stones require less installation time, last longer, and resist damage from weather elements better. Plus, you can customize them according to your individual needs and preferences.


Your patio, walkway or driveway’s longevity depends on a number of factors. One of the most essential is proper installation and upkeep. This means avoiding harsh chemicals that could strip away paver sealer, discolor or damage them over time; additionally, use a plastic snow shovel instead of metal one which may scratch or damage the pavers.

When selecting pavers for a patio, walkway or driveway, the type of material used can make a big difference. Certain materials like cobblestones, brick and natural stone are more durable than others.

Paving stones are typically constructed from concrete, clay brick or natural stone. When joined together, they form an interlocking system that’s both flexible and strong – making them perfect for outdoor spaces – which explains why they have become so popular.

Another advantage of paving stone over concrete or asphalt is their resistance to temperature changes. Poured concrete and asphalt can heave and crack over time due to temperature changes, necessitating expensive paving repairs adelaide.

Finally, paving stones are more resistant to shifting due to root growth or earthquakes than concrete or asphalt, making them a more versatile option that allows you to correct shifting without having to completely redo your hardscape.

When selecting materials for a patio, walkway or driveway, the lifespan of your paving stone installation can range anywhere from 5-20 years. However, this depends on both the quality of the pavers you use and how well you maintain your hardscape.


Maintaining your paving stones is the best way to keep them in optimal condition. This can include regular sweeps, cleaning, and spot treating.

Pavers are incredibly resilient and can last for decades if properly maintained. Unfortunately, extreme weather conditions and normal wear-and-tear can damage them, making this an issue for any home or business owner.

Temperature changes can make a substantial impact on the durability of paving stones. Concrete and asphalt are particularly vulnerable to temperature variations, leading to cracking or deterioration.

Therefore, it’s essential to take steps to maintain the paving stones in your driveway or patio. Doing so will extend their lifespan and guarantee they look their best for years to come.

Another way to maintain your paving stones in optimal condition is by clearing away any dirt or debris that has built up. Doing this prevents weed growth and allows water to drain smoothly through the pavers.

It is essential to clean your paving stones as soon as they become stained or faded, in order to prevent further damage from occurring. This can be accomplished through power washing the pavers with an appropriate surface cleaner.

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