The Bosphorus Cruise is a great choice for families

Antalya has more beaches to choose from, while Marmaris has fewer and is less developed. Many of the beaches in Antalya are small and are surrounded by high buildings. In addition, the seaside promenades in Antalya are very crowded. There are no hotels and shopping malls nearby.

However, Antalya has a lot more entertainment options, including the Bosphorus Cruise, which goes through Istanbul. The Bosphorus Cruise is a great choice for families, as there are lots of things to do on board. The cruise ship makes a stop at three ports. The first Marmaris all inclusive one is Kas. The second is Aksaz. The third is Ayvalik. During the cruise, families can enjoy eating, shopping, swimming, dancing, etc.

When it comes to choosing between Antalya and Marmaris, Antalya is better because it has many things to offer. For example, Antalya has more activities than Marmaris.

However, when it comes to beaches, Marmaris wins. There are far fewer beaches in Antalya than there are in Marmaris. If you’re traveling with your children, Marmaris is better. This is because there are far fewer activities in Antalya than in Marmaris.

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