There are specific rates that you should use when you’re tipping

Most yacht captains are hired by the owner of the yacht rather than the yacht charter company. You should make sure to tip the captain on every charter when you use a yacht charter. There are specific rates that you should use when you’re tipping. You should pay the captain 5% to 15% of the boat charter cost. You must also tip the crew members (if they aren’t already being tipped).

The crew should receive at least 50% to 75% of what the captain gets, depending on how much work they did while you were on board. If you want to tip a captain Superyacht Charter Turkey for the crew’s work on board, you’ll have to ask the captain to include the crew’s percentage in the total.

If you don’t want to tip anything, you should tell your charter broker when you book your yacht charter. Be aware that your tips are subject to tax withholding at the federal level. If you are planning to live aboard a yacht while it is sailing to another destination, you might have to give more to the crew.

Crewmembers would typically receive more than 20% of the total cost of the trip, which usually is the going rate for crews in the cruising industry. They are usually tipped as part of their salary or wages. The crewmembers usually also get meals on board the yacht.

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