Top 10 Software Testing Companies in India

Software Testing Companies – The popularization and digitalization of technology have resulted in software being adopted by almost every company and business worldwide. However, with technology, there is always the downside of software malfunction or failure.

It is supported by a study in 2017 by Tricentis, which registered that a collection of 606 software bugs resulted in a $1.7 trillion loss. Therefore, companies have started placing prominence on integrating software testing into their workflow to avoid facing any software failures.

That is where the role and importance of software testing companies are established. Its essence is supported by studies claiming that the software testing industry will become a 34.5 billion dollars industry by 2025.

Therefore, this article deals with familiarizing the reader with India’s top ten most widespread and trusted software testing companies that aim to provide seamless software function and improved user experience.

10 Best Software Testing Companies in India

1. Binmile Technologies 

Binmile Technologies is one of the highly-rated software testing companies in India. It offers the best quality assurance consulting, digital assurance, digital engineering, managed testing, test automation, and QA outsourcing.

This company ensures to improve the software development lifecycle, enhancing code deployment and cost-effectiveness. The company uses popular software testing solutions like CI/CD pipelines and DevOps integrations. It ensures security, quality, and adequate system operations. 

2. BugRaptors

Founded in 2016, BugRaptors is listed as one of the best software testing companies. It has headquarters in both India and the USA. With a team of experienced professionals, BugRaptors uses proprietary QA tools and services to provide the best results.

Over the years, the company has successfully smashed close to half a billion bugs and offered quality assurance services to more than a hundred SMEs and Fortune 500 Companies. Their seamless services have been recommended by popular platforms such as Good Firms, Clutch, and SoftwareTesting Help.

3. AppQuarterz Technologies

As a leading software testing company, the vision of Appquarterz Technologies lays fixated on integrating technology and innovation in their testing and quality assurance services. Their in-house infrastructure, robust systems, and latest tools provide clients with the desired and cost-effective results.

Appquarterz Technologies has worked with numerous reputed clients from different industries, including Finance, IT, Retail, e-Commerce, Banking, and more. Their software quality assurance services are aimed at offering maximum quality, performance, and productivity. They also provide bug-tracking systems and manual and automation techniques to increase productivity via software.

4. Testrig Technologies

Testrig Technologies is committed to delivering desired results, building trust, and demonstrating reliability. The team of Testrig Technologies works as QA Partners with clients and helps design and implement QA strategies that answer their business challenges and needs. 

Testrig Technologies has proven and established its expertise in automation testing services, TestOps, domain knowledge, and more. Their clients include Ribbon, RiskScreen, Virtuance, Basket, Bimsense, Upstock, Vestiaire Collective, and many more.

5. AFour Technologies

AFour Technologies was established in 2007. Since its establishment, the company has provided the best services in Software Product Engineering Services comprising UI/UX Design, Software Development, DevOps, Test Automation, Performance, Security, and Monitoring.

The term AFour stands for “Automation Agility Attitude and Aptitude.” Along with other attributes of a software system, AFour Technologies also focuses on offering software consistency. With a team of professional minds, AFour Technologies has successfully submitted high-quality, scalable, and secure software systems to numerous clients.

6. Brainy QA Services

Brainy QA Services is one of India’s most trusted software testing companies. The company uses many modern tools and technologies to ensure services are offered without bugs and errors. Brainy QA Services has an expert team of experienced testing professionals with substantial software testing knowledge and skills.

Brainy QA Services has also added Selenium and Appium automation testing services to their service list. With their dedicated services, they have successfully fulfilled the demands of numerous clients, including Tailwind, PlugAndPink, and more.

7. Impact QA Services LLC

With more than ten years of experience and excellence, Impact QA Services LLC is a global independent software testing & QA consulting company. The company is headquartered in New York, the USA. It operates in India, London, Dallas, Munich, and Germany. 

The company has domain expertise in Healthcare, E-Learning, Logistics, Real Estate, Medical Device Testing, BFSI, e-Commerce, Media, and more. The company is the top choice among clients because of its Quality Assurance & Management, QA Consulting & Outsourcing, Continuous Testing & Engineering, and Cybersecurity & Penetration Testing.

8. hikeQA

hikeQA is an independent Quality Assurance company. With more than ten years of experience, the company has successfully provided quality QA and testing solutions for every software and mobile application type.

Aside from helping develop new applications and software, the company also keeps the client in touch with updates in the operating system, modifications in the database, enhancements in functionality, and more.

9. Shine Infosoft

Shine Infosoft is a Digital Design and Development company. With leading and updated technologies, the team of Shine Infosogt provides the best software services and solutions to clients globally. The group aims to ensure effectiveness and efficiency by implementing next-generation technology.

The primary industries and fields that Shine Infosoft focuses on include Business Services, e-Commerce, Information Technology (IT), Real Estate, Financial & Payments, and more. 

10. UpDoer Technology

This reputed software testing company has been in operation since 2016. UpDoer Technology is a multi-national software testing company that delivers trusted solutions to clients globally. The popularity of UpDoer Technology stems from its consistent deliverance of robust, scalable, and commercially viable solutions. 

The proficient team of UpDoer Technology has QA Expertise in Accessibility Testing, Enterprise Product Testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Game Testing, UI Visual Testing, Desktop Application Testing, and Enterprise Application Testing et al. In its years of service, the company has successfully served more than 246 clients, found more than 29580 bugs, designed close to 186 frameworks, and tested more than 279 mobile apps and websites.


There is no doubt in it that the need and importance of software testing and quality assurance in today’s business landscape. However, it becomes essential for any business to choose the services of experts and experienced professionals. Some of the top software testing companies listed in the article provide better usability and enhanced functionality within the maintenance costs.

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