Vastu Plants For Home That Bring Happy Vibes & Health

Vastu plants for homes are becoming more and more popular in today’s society as a way to fill the home with beauty, happiness, and good feelings. It enhances the good energy’s free movement all through the area. When you choose and place them according to these conventional ways, you will undoubtedly receive some fantastic benefits. If you want to get some positive benefits on health you should choose the best  indoor plants for your living space. If you have no knowledge about which would be the best plants that you can choose for your home, then read it. 

Here we share with you some best indoor plants online that you can pick for your home. Follow the list that we listed below and choose the best vastu plants for your living space.

Money Plant

The actual name of this plant is pothos, but for some reasons this plant is famous with the name of Money Plant. This plant is very popular to bring happiness and good fortune financially. This plant also offers positive vibes all across the area where it is placed and scavenging bad energy. Besides that if you want to  give this best gift to your dear ones then you can buy money plant online, as a gift from the online gift site. The interesting part of this plant is that it has the property  to clean the air and also reduce stress. According to Vastu, you should place this plant in the southeast direction to get its benefits. If you place this plant in that specific location the plant drives away bad luck and brings money and success into your life.

Lucky Bamboo

This tabletop plant is very powerful to attract good vibes, energy and abundance.  According to widespread belief, lucky bamboo also brings prosperity to businesses; as a result, many firms want to have this Vastu plant in their offices. It is the most difficult Vastu plant to grow at home. Since it spreads serenity and tranquility, many people prefer using it as a Vastu plant in the bedroom. You can also get bamboo plants online from the online site and get it at your desired location on time. 

Basil Plant

Basil plant that is also known as Tulsi, is one of the most auspicious plants and brings good luck and prosperity to home according to vastu shastra. The plant has the power to clear the air and deter insects. You can plant this plant in the window or balcony for its better growth.  

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Snack Plant

You can also place snack plants at your home for getting the happy vibes and also this plant has the properties to  purify the air. You can place this plant in the south or east direction for good luck according to your vastu. If you are suffering from stress then  you can keep this plant in your bedroom on the east side to invoke positive energy.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a great option for the people who love the beauty of flowers in their home.  This plant is very popular for bringing joy and good luck in your life. This plant is adored in Vastu as a symbol of love, peace, and harmony in the home. It assists in enhancing the sleep cycle and avoiding bad dreams.

Rubber Plant

According to the vastu shastra, the rubber plant is an auspicious plant. The plant is said to bring financial wealth to the home since its leaves mimic coins. It may be the solution if you’re seeking the ideal Vastu plant for the kitchen or entryway.


The jasmine plant is well known for both its lovely white blooms and pleasant aroma. According to Vastu experts, the plant infuses your dwellings with beneficial energy and drives out negative ones. According to the vastu you should place your jasmine plant towards the north or east of your home to attract positive energy and wellbeing.


It  is a fragrant plant and people use this plant in several medicinal uses. It is utilized in aromatherapy because it has calming qualities. If you are looking for an indoor air-purifier plant then this is the best option for you.  It is one of the fortunate plants that is perfect to keep in front of the house or in any outside area.

Ending Note:

Adding these Vastu plants into your home will eliminate Vastu doshas and brighten your living environment. Get these indoor plants from the online sites  as soon as possible without thinking twice and fill your house with all the positive Vastu.

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