YouTube has a new kid on the block

YouTube has a new kid on the block. Now that the company is owned by the giant Google, the Internet giant is no longer just a platform for posting videos. YouTube is now turning into a video content creator itself. To help them in this, YouTube recently released a new YouTube app.

The app, known as Vanced, was the first product by Google that allows you to record videos directly to the app from the camera of your smartphone. It was available for youtube vanced Android and iOS platforms. Unfortunately, it is no longer available for download.

According to a post by its developers, Vanced was discontinued due to a legal threat from Google. The creators of Vanced have stated that they will no longer make any new updates for the app. However, download links will still work.

So far, they have not mentioned why Vanced was discontinued, but it seems like they might be forced to shutdown the service after all. If you really liked the app, you can still try finding the APK file for it. But please be sure to backup your data from the app before using it.

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