Gifts From Abroad To Pakistan What You Need To Know About Customs

Gifts from abroad can be a great way to show love and appreciation to family and friends living in Pakistan. However, before sending gifts to Pakistan from Canada, it’s essential to understand the customs and regulations related to imports. Gift giving is a cherished tradition in Pakistan, and if you are planning to send gifts, you must be aware of the customs and duties applicable to your package. This article will provide you with valuable insights into what you need to know about customs when sending gifts from Canada to Pakistan.

Restricted Items

When sending gifts to Pakistan from Canada, it’s essential to understand that certain items are restricted and not allowed into the country. Some of these items include weapons, illegal drugs, hazardous materials, and anything that goes against Islamic principles. Additionally, the country has strict regulations on the import of food items and alcohol. Thus, it’s necessary to research the restricted items list before sending your package to Pakistan.

The Value of the Gift

The value of the gift you are sending to Pakistan will determine the customs duty applicable to your package. If your gift is valued above PKR 1,000, you will have to pay customs duty on the package’s total value. Additionally, the value of the gift will determine the amount of tax you’ll have to pay. Therefore, it’s essential to determine the value of the gift before sending it to Pakistan and factor in the additional customs duty and taxes.

Gift Wrapping

When sending gifts from Canada to Pakistan, it’s essential to ensure that the package is appropriately wrapped. It’s best to use simple wrapping paper and avoid any fancy wrapping as this can raise suspicion with customs officials. Additionally, it’s necessary to avoid using duct tape or any other materials that could damage the gift or make it difficult to unwrap.

Addressing and Labeling

Addressing and labeling your gift package correctly can prevent unnecessary delays and ensure your gift arrives at its intended destination. When addressing your package, make sure to write the recipient’s full name, complete address, and phone number. Additionally, you should include your name and complete address as the sender. It’s essential to label the package as a “gift” and include a detailed description of the contents.

Shipping Method

Choosing the right shipping method is critical when sending gifts to Pakistan from Canada. There are several options available, including air freight, sea freight, and courier services. The shipping method you choose will depend on your budget, the urgency of the delivery, and the size and weight of the package. Additionally, some shipping companies specialize in gift delivery and can provide additional services like gift wrapping, personalized notes, and tracking information.

Custom Declarations

When sending gifts from Canada to Pakistan, it’s necessary to fill out a customs declaration form. The customs declaration form requires you to list the contents of the package and their value. It’s essential to be honest and accurate when filling out the form as providing false information can result in fines or other penalties. Additionally, make sure to keep a copy of the customs declaration form for your records.

Delivery Time

Delivery time can vary depending on your chosen shipping method and customs clearance process. It’s essential to plan and send your gifts well in advance to ensure they arrive on time. Additionally, you should factor in any delays due to weather conditions, customs inspections, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a crucial step when sending gifts to Pakistan from Canada. The customs officials will inspect your package to ensure that it complies with the country’s import regulations. The customs clearance process can take a few hours to several days, depending on the package’s contents and the volume of packages being inspected. If your package is held up at customs, you may be required to provide additional documentation or pay additional fees before your gift can be released.


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